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A little bit about our Owner...


Concerned parents banded together in 1952 to form a non-profit charity under Internal Revenue Code section 510(c)3.  Today, it is known as Advocacy for Respect and Choice--Long Beach, Inc., or simply AR&C-Long Beach. Every weekday, AR&C serves more than 400 persons with intellectual disabilities, and their families.  AR&C operates these four programs:

-Day-Training Activities Center

-Special Needs Program

-Sheltered Workshop

-Supported Employment Services

Not all 400+ clients report to the campus, located at 4519 E. Stearns St., Long Beach, Ca 90815.  Instead, many are working in the community at jobs for private employers, with AR&C's job coaches helping them succeed, that's called Supported Employment. 

California's taxpayers provide the bulk of AR&C's funding through state grants voted by the legislature, as mandated by the Lanterman Act.  In order to augment those state funds and so improve its services, in 1962 AR&C opened its first Value Village Thrift Store.  Value Village Thrift store is wholly-owned and operated by AR&C.  All profits from your business directly benefit people with intellectual disabilities.

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